Growing up in Taiwan, I was spoiled by my mother's home cooked meals and the real Chinese cuisine. I cannot think of any better place to enjoy Chinese food than in Taiwan.

Shortly after I got married, my husband and I moved to United States. We were young and didn't have a lot of money. The only way that we could enjoy decent Chinese cuisine was to learn how to cook it for myself. Throughout the years I have collected many recipes from friends and family and I have also added my personal touch. I would like to share these recipes with you.

My husband and I love spicy food, so most of the recipes are for hot and spicy food with a lot of garlic. All of the ingredients used in my recipes are available here in United States. Check out the Related Sites to find out more about Chinese cultures and Taiwan.

If you have a great recipe, I would love to publish on my web site. Of course, you will get the full credit. If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail me at

A special thanks to my husband, Gary, for providing me with technical support and for being the chief guinea pig for all my recipes.

In loving memory of my father, Wen-Chuan Chang


my loving husband, Gary

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