International Recipes

American Pie - Red, white and blue. It is a perfect pie for Independence Day BBQ.

Apple Macadamia-Walnut Loaf - Great with coffee or tea.

Banana Turon - Deep-Fried Banana Roll

Blackberry Fool - blackberry pudding

Cappuccino Float - a great summer party drink.

Coconut Cream Cheese Flan - flan de Coco y Queso Crema

Hawaiian Roast Pork - Pork butt roast with taro, onion and ginger.

Island Sundae - a tropical favor sundae with passion fruit and raspberry.

Julio's Hot Carrots - Hot carrots recipe from Julio's restaurant.

K.B.'s Mashed Potato Casserole - Mashed potatoes baked with cream cheese. Great recipe.

Kim Chee with Tofu - A popular Korean cuisine.

Korean Style BBQ Short Ribs - Beef short ribs marinated in a special sauce.

Mango Bread - Great tasting bread from Hawaii.

Peggy's Salsa - Best salsa recipe. Very easy to make.

Plantain Tostones (tostones de plátano) - Slices of green or medium-ripe plantains partly fried, flattened and fried again until crispy and brown. Very popular Puerto Rican food.

Shirley Schmidt's Mustard - Home style mustard recipe.

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